One day, a hopeful little finch set herself a goal… to build herself a home. A nest. But where exactly, she wasn’t sure.

She set about building her home at the top of the tallest tree in the forest. Sadly, once finished, a great gust knocked the nest from its branch and it hurtled down to the ground. Destroyed!

The little finch began building again, this time choosing the floor of the forest as the perfect spot. However, the spot proved less than perfect…

A busy badger barged right through the finished nest and once again it was destroyed. The little finch was losing hope as she flew away in a sulk.

Landing in a hedge, she wept ‘will I ever find the perfect place to build my nest?’

Looking up she realised the perfect place was here. In the hedge. It would protect her from wind; from clumsy animals; and there were plenty of berries to gorge upon.

The little finch built her nest and finally she was home.

Making mistakes can often leave us feeling down, but mistakes can lead us towards success. Learn from the mistakes you make and you are sure to reach your goals.