Lots of people read in different ways. Some read like magpies, picking shiny excerpts and trying to savour and remember them.

They might have multiple books they’re reading all at once, or several books they started and didn’t quite get into, bookmarked for later. Others sit like a stone and wade through big epics with a heavy frown and darting eyes.

Whichever type you are, it’s always important that your routine be suited to your attention span. If you try to multi-task, watching the TV with a book on your lap, it’s likely you won’t fully appreciate either activity.

The same is also true if you read in a room full of people chattering. So the best thing to do is treat reading like the special activity it is. Go somewhere peaceful to do it. Make time to involve yourself in the stories.

A great time to do this is in your bed each night before you go to sleep. And just remember;the more you do it the easier it’ll be, because concentration is like a muscle and you have to work on it to make it strong.