You are playing a game of hide and seek with your brothers and sisters on a sunny day. You find the perfect hiding spot in a wardrobe.

But as you wait for someone to find you, you discover the wardrobe has no end. You move further in, till you find yourself in another world – a forest where the snow falls and there is ice everywhere. It is like nothing you have ever seen before. This is how the story of The Chronicles of Narnia begins.

Reading is much more than school work – it is full of mystery, adventure and imagination. It allows you to become someone else and see a new world through their eyes; a world that is fantastical, filled with danger and magic too.
And the way to reach these mystical lands I hear you ask? Just pick up a book and start reading to find yourself transported into places you could only dream of. Venture into a good book and you’ll find you are never bored again.