A poem with flair by Jenni Brooks. We love all genres of music at Stack of Books. Check out this one with a hint of rap! Another fantastic Poem of the Week!


Yo! Ma name is Ranford rainbow ‘n’ imma three-legged hound

And we’re gonna have some fun-like on a merry-go-round

Imma tell you all abowt the diff’rent kinds of species

And y’all know it so well, just like you know your A B Cs.


First up is dose mammals ‘n’ they be covered in hair

Some live on da land, just like they just do not care!

Others live in da sea-as dose dat big blue whale

And they like to come ‘n’ splash us with dat big blue tail.


Some mammals are so furry you can barely see their skin

But others only have a few small hairs on their chin.

All mammals make milk so they can feed their young

And some mammals (like elephants) can be high-el-y strung.


We be movin’ on to birds and they were born through an egg

They also have some feathers ‘n’ two wings ‘n’ two legs.

If a bird hunts animals then it be called a raptor

And a waterfowl likes to swim on da water (with swagger.)


Nah the reptiles on this planet, they be scaly and tough

Sometimes snakes shed some of skin like dandruff.

Lizards they can smell tings just by licking de air

And a chameleon on da rock-it be ‘camouflaged’ there!


Amphibians be born in water but they change to da land

Their breathin’ ‘n’  eatin’ change when they get to the sand.

This special type of change is -metamorphosis

They were one ting once but they go and change in a squiff!


Nah, the fishes live in water (some in salt and some fresh)

They can breathe through their gills-even in Bangladesh!

Fish that swim together, swim together in shoals

But goldfish as a pet, they swim in fishbowls.


Minibeasts are insects dat don’t have no backbone

They are small ‘n’ some are slimy and some live under stones.

Da millipede has four legs for ev’ry segment on its body

And a bumblebee makes honey-now that really ain’t shoddy!


Now I hope you have some fun today ‘n’ learnt something too

I hope that you will learn ma rhymes, ‘n’ teach it ya crew!

Well ma name is Ranford Rainbow ‘n’ imma three-legged hound

And I hope you had some fun-like on a merry-go-round


Peace out bruh!