What excites you most about books?
As a child, I always thought books were the perfect way of escaping the present for a while and experiencing a completely different world where imagination is key. This is still what excites me most about books, discovering a world of fantasy which can only be made accessible by the pleasure of reading.

What brought on your interest in learning different languages?

I have always enjoyed learning about the world and the way other people with different cultural backgrounds perceive it. Languages have been the key allowing me to do this and to appreciate other cultures a lot more.

What do love most about the content you have been translating?
So far I have definitely been enjoying the originality of the storyline. I am looking forward to reading more!

What was your favourite book growing up?

“Beauty and the Beast.”

Why should kids read the books we are creating?
Visualisation is crucial to remembering not just a story, but also a new language. And this is exactly what makes the books created by Stack of Books different. A fascinating storyline brought to life through lively drawings is what will spark the curiosity of any new language learners.