Most people think they know best, it’s like clothing brands, really, because actually everyone has their own brand of thinking, just like everyone has a Nike tick or Adidas stripes, or whatever, fixed to their clothes. I’m sure you’ll find that your peers are especially interested in showing off their thinking brands. Others might even tell you that what you’re doing is wrong, or less cool, or whatever.

And suddenly there’s that word again… whatever.

You see, there are so many different paths that we humans travel. Inevitably we all must take our own. If you feel lost or even uncomfortable around your peers, just ask yourself – is what I’m doing right for me?

If the answer is no, then stop.

Trust your instincts. You’ve spent more time with you than anyone else. Your peers would like to think they know you, but they don’t.

The only person who could ever have the slightest chance of knowing you is you.

So have courage and, most importantly, do what you love, for you own sake if nothing else.