The second poem the be featured on the Stack of Books website from one of our amazing poets Catriona Wake.

Me and Fifi

I read my favourite book today,

I read it almost every day,

There are these people that live inside a melon,

The book seems to go on and on and on,

They are caring, kind, people just like me,

I wish that I could be Fifi,

She’s my favourite character,

I wish I could be more like her,

The book is spinning on the floor!

I try running to the door,

I accidentally stepped on the book,

I smell my dinner, my mum’s a good cook,

The book stops spinning on the floor,

I am not worried anymore,

In my dreams in bed that night, the book was still spinning,

I was falling, falling, falling,

Into the book,

I gave my home one last look,

I became Fifi!

I always thought she was just like me!

I wake up and realise that I am not dreaming,

My smile must be beaming!

I love being Fifi!

She is just like me!

My least favourite character said “Can’t you see?”

You’re stuck in this book for all eternity.”

I scream and shout,

At the top of my voice “Let me out! Let me out!”

From the book, I see my Mum,

She looks very glum,

She is saying “Where is she, where is she?”

I shout, “Mummy, I’m here, I’m Fifi!”

But she doesn’t hear me.