When a little girl or boy goes to big school it can turn into a scary place. Not everyone is as helpful or friendly as your favourite teacher and it can make you quite sad. Sometimes you get called names or made fun of which will make you cry. Well I am going to let you into a little secret, those bullies may be feeling sad or angry too which is why people are bullied. At playtime always be kind and friendly even if they say hurtful things to you because remember they are hurting too. By being nice you are the better person and someday they will realize that it is better to be friends than enemies.

If the bully continues to make you sad it is best to tell an adult who can help solve the problem. Tell them what has happened and how it makes you feel inside. If you are feeling extra super-duper brave then you can try and talk to your bully with your teacher! It shows that you are very grown up and will make your teacher very proud.

Even when your bully leaves you alone you can still feel very sad. To make you feel happy again you could take on a new hobby like horse-riding or football or even write in a special secret diary that can be written in daily. Remember even big girls and boys get bullied too so do not feel like you’re the only bullied kid. Many children like you will face bullies someday so it’s important to always see the good in the bad.