Gender equality has an impact on all of us – in both general life and in the workplace. A workplace where gender is equal allows all colleagues to work and thrive in the same environment, with the same resources, the same opportunities and the same benefits. It’s very important to understand that gender equality is an issue for everybody, it is not just a female fight.
You are living in an era more accepting and encouraging of workplace equality than those before. Remember this and take advantage of it! You have the right to choose a career path you love and you should be given equal opportunities to excel in it. But it is also important to remember that the fight for gender equality in the workplace is an ongoing one – and you can be on the right side of it. It is important to listen to other people’s feelings and experiences with gender equality and to try to understand and empathise. By listening to and understanding other people’s experiences, you are making yourself aware of issues that other people face. You can then ensure that you act in a way that promotes and encourages gender equality at work!
One easy way that you can help to increase gender equality in the workplace is to reject stereotypes that can lead to workplace inequality.  For example, stereotypical gender roles can be harmful to equality at work. Remember that there is no such thing as a male job or a female job, feminine jobs or masculine jobs. You are coming to the stage in your lives where you can consider a future career path; encourage your friends and peers to consider career paths that they love, not that they feel that they can or should do based on societal pressure!

Article written by Megan Edwards and illustrated by Tiffany Kurteva.