Everything looks surprisingly real when you are child – especially the scary monsters from the cartoons or the strange creature that lives under your bed and nobody else could see.

As we all know this is part of the growing up process but it could be quite frustrating for the little ones.
There are a few things that could help overcoming the child’s fears and reading is definitely one of the most effective methods to do so.

Diving in the wonderful world of the written stories can not only expand the kid’s imagination – it can successfully work as therapy against the nightmares of any kind.

For example it’s much easier to get rid of a disturbing feeling when you try to materialize it – in other words, when you give it a face and a name. The books generously provide the full description of a villain or any other frightening character so that a child is able to recognize it and reject it as a threat as the story reveals. Happy ending in any case!

By Tanya Trendafilova