The world is constantly evolving and with it so is our society.

We are more honest and open minded than ever and encourage our children to be themselves. If they are bullied we teach them not to take it personally, that they are beautiful and not to change who they are for anyone.

If they are tall, if they are short, if they are broader, if they need glasses, if they are less academic, if they are in any way different to the person sat next to them we teach them to embrace it and be happy.

This should also apply with their dreams, surely?

We should teach them to be and do whatever it is that makes them happy. If they want to paint, then let them paint. If they want to be a singer or a dancer when they grow up then encourage it.

Get them lessons if you can, or set a time at home to let them grow creatively alongside their education – just like you would if they said they wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer.

They are all dreams and all as important as each other. They all involve hard work and education so it doesn’t matter what direction they go, they’ll still need to concentrate on their talents and make the best of them.

Don’t frown upon them for saying they want to be a writer. Encourage them to be themselves all the way down to their dreams.