Maya Angelou was a poet who drew our attention to the common humanity we share.

She said, “We are more alike than not alike,” which means that when you’re looking at someone else, you’re really just looking at another potential you.

So if you focus on the ugliness of others and dwell on their weaknesses and insecurities, pretty soon that negativity will be deflected and wind up turning into bitterness.

What I mean to say is that ultimately you will only do damage to yourself. However, if you allow room in your imagination for people to make mistakes and if you accept that you too have the same capacity to stumble, soon you will see reflection of yourself in the actions of others.

In this way it is likely you’ll discover that what is best and worst about humanity is intrinsically applicable to you.

I guess the question you must continue to ask yourself is what would I do if it was me?

By Jack Hudson