Talking to other children that I don’t know…that’s scary.
Putting my hand up in class and saying the answer …that’s also scary.
Taking part in the school play in front of the whole school…now that’s REALLY scary!
So maybe I should just sit here and be quiet.
But…I want to make new friends.
I want to show the teacher that I know the answer.
And I really want to take part in the school play!
That means…I have to be brave.
It may be a bit frightening at first…but I’ll do it!
I’m going to talk to the other children in my class…even the ones I don’t know!
I’m going to put my hand up and answer the question…my teacher will be so proud!
And I am definitely going to take part in the school play…I can’t wait for the whole school to see me!
I’m going to be brave!